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Fantastic trips to Asinara

with Davide and Silvia

Try our daily excursions to Asinara with a fishing boat trip. Discover what “pescaturismo” is with Davide and Silvia. During the trip they will let you discover one of the most beautiful national parks in Sardinia. That's why people choose the Asinara trip, to live the excitement of a mini cruise in one of the bountiful waters of Mediterranean. You may share with your family or friends the experience of a wonderful trip in the natural park, combined with the boat fishing.

Jump aboard our fishing boat, by practising deep sea fishing, exploring the coastline of Asinara and the secrets of its seabed. You'll get the chance to taste the frashly caught fish which will be cooked for you using ancient Sardinian recipes. You will experience the thrill of diving into the crystal clear waters surrounding the Asinara island, discovering the many uncontaminated beaches.

Watch the video:  Servizio TG Videolina - Giovedì 18 Aprile alle 14:00 


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A skipper with years of sailing experience. He has been working for over ten years in the boating and tourism industry, especially in the Gulf of Asinara area. He grew up in Portotorres, in the heart of Gulf of Asinara and he will be happy to take you to discover this national park. Skipper Davide, expert sailor, has been practising the traditional fishing since childhood.

With him, you will learn how to identify the typical fish species of Gulf of Asinara.

You also find out the ancient fishing techniques which have been used for centuries in Sardinia, our country.



She has been working in the tourism industry for several years, with in depth knowledge in the context of Asinara Park. Professional photographer, she's a nature-and-sea lover.

She will help you to catch the most precious glimpses of your journey. Thanks to her, you will see places with new eyes. But nothing like her cooking best expresses her creativity and the attention to details.

She will be able to transform for you the typical products of Gulf of Asinara into a delightful lunch  on board, combining tradition and innovation, enhancing the flavor of typical Sardinian cuisine.


Live the fishing tourism with Davide & Silvia


Davide & Silvia: two guys who are immensely passionate about the sea, local history and traditions. They will give you an overview in this journey to discover Asinara National Park. Aboard their fishing boat Motopesca Alex, 11 meters length and 4 meters beam, they will explain the park's environment and marine life, telling you local stories and legends which have been handed down for generations and so survived through ancient fishermen's tales.

They will take you to see the most peculiar glimpses of this coast which every year attracts so many tourists from all over the world.

You will have the chance to join in a smooth ride in this beautiful Sardinian park, taking in the coastline and knowing fishing traditions, which is definitely one of the oldest activities in the world.

That's what our Asinara trip is, a perfect excursion for people who love fishing, history and traditions. In short, this is a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself into the culture of fishing and sea, spending a day together and sailing around the crystalline waters of Asinara National Park.

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